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Lust auf Norden | 09.02.2018 | 18:15 Uhr

The family is very fair with the work load and during the … read more siesta there's all kinds of possible things to do like bathing in the ice cold river og exploring the forest filled with boars. I'm sure if you like monopoly you'll have a tough time competing against the youngest champion of the house! I didn't have time to feel homesick when I first arrived, because I immediately felt welcomed as a part of their family. The food we ate was exquisite and wholesome hats off to Carolina and Beate : and I learned so much about sustainable living … read more while staying with them!

It was a pleasure to work with Gert I hope I spelled that right! I hope everything went well with your new pond in the garden and the extension off the back of your house; send pictures! I hope to visit you guys again in the future, and until then best wishes! A deep breath of Corsican air Thank you so much for making my stay as great as it has been during those too short 10 days. I really appreciate the calm and serenity that you create all along the village, the activities and the group dynamic.

A wonderful life lesson! From the start on I had a wonderfull experience. Because of the non judgemental vibe I really could be myself. The good balance between working and spare time, the wonderfull nature location and it's possibillities made for a great two months.

The way the family let's people into their lives is really admirable. The patience to show you around as … read more well as to teach. I had a lot of life lessons and a big positive change in my life. Thank you for enriching my life in the short two weeks! I really enjoyed my time in this little community on this beautiful island!..

Gerd, Beate and Caroline explained us a lot about gardening and are really open minded. I shared beautiful moments with the other workawayers during our self set-up meditation hours ; It is beautiful to see how other people can live and how it is to take care of your … read more own resources.

Motivationssprüche #1 - Motivation (deutsch/german) Video - Bilder/Zitate/Sprüche zum Nachdenken

Keep on going and blossoming! La vue est splendide idyllique entre mer et montagne. What a wonderful time I had here! Thanks so much everyone here for two beautiful weeks and for welcoming me into your home with such kind and open hearts. The gardens and gardeners! There is an abundance of fruit, vegetables, nuts, herbs to enjoy and craft into delicious dishes and cakes. I have never eaten so many … read more hazelnuts! I am hungry now just thinking about all the lovely cooking and eating we did together..

Happiness and peacefulness feels easy in this place. The pace of life is a gentle flow of work and rest and the work itself is a pleasure as the garden is rich with life and the surroundings are so beautiful.

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Sitting together and meditating in the evenings was a really incredible experience too. There is so much more I could say- but I am starting to write an essay- so I'll stop and just recommend that you go there yourself and see what you find! Thanks everyone..

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I hope our paths cross again someday. I could not have wished for a better first Workaway experience. Since day 1, Carolina and her family made me feel at home, and I quickly became really comfortable in the little village. It is a superb place, completely peaceful, filled with positive energies. I was able to learn a lot about their techniques and values which left me … read more completely in awe, and curious to learn more about self sufficiency. After 2 weeks of volunteering in different activities such as apple juice making a lot of that , prepping a new vegetable garden and learning to make compost amongst many other things , I can truly say that it has been an amazing experience, from which I have learned many life skills and knowledge that will help me anywhere I go.

Much love, Vincent. I really enjoy my stay at Vittulettu. The experience was completely different compare to what i did previously. It was tough sometime but it allowed me to see behind my possibilities thanx gert for that. The food was amazing and varied, a big applause to Carolina with the help of Gesa ;. I really liked to do the dishes when we could share a … read more moment with some music on. And the ice on the cake was the meditation time with Beate. Sharing that with you and the other workawayers was just perfect.

I wish you definitely the best for the future and i will come to see you again for sure if i come to Corsica again. We have a concert to watch from the new stairs ;. We are so grateful to have had to chance to stay with Carolina and her wonderful, welcoming family. Thank you for having us, and we wish Janna the best of luck at university : Anna and Matthew. I spend 3 weeks here and I enjoyed every minute! Thanks for letting me be a part of your community. In the middle of the chestnut forest, there is this paradise with an incredible variety.. I learnt and discovered so much about gardening but also in many interesting discussions that we had.

Gerd, Beate and Caroline explained us a lot and were … read more greatful for eveything we did, it was always a pleasure. I really like very much to recommend this place! All the best for you. I spent about 5 weeks there and it enriched my view on life. It provoked a lot of thoughts in me in a good way.

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They are full of joy: we danced, sang and had profound conversations. The life there is simple not so the food. Always amazing great natural food there. While I am writing I am noticing that unfortunately everything is already said in … read more all the other feedbacks. If you can enjoy silence, birds all over the place, fantastic weather spectacle then you're right there. I proud that I can say now that I can cut wood, warm my room with fire, I can weed and seed. Thanks so much Beate for our daily meditation and our mutual understanding of each other.

I really enjoyed the work outside planting potatoes and strawberries, chopping and moving wood, preparing terraces for planting, making a pathway through the site and shovelling compost here, there and everywhere!

Hosted by Gregor Stehle

I could go on for a lot longer, and if you visit, your list may be entirely different! They were also fantastic with German language practise; I spoke very little English during my stay, and although I still need lots of practise I really felt fully immersed in German like never before. The landscape, the sound of birds all the time, the food and cultural exchange with other Workawayers, as well as everything else mentioned, make this such a human and warming experience.

This workaway was a wonderful experience! I have, like the others, honestly nothing negative I could even say.

Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit (German)

This was definitely the most "in nature" or "out of the way" or whatever you want to call it that I've been before. It took a bit of adjustment at first, but I feel that I've gained so much in return and I looked forward to waking up here … read more every day.

I wish I could've spent more time.. I miss our meditations and cooking in the kitchen with Carolina and everyone's appreciation for dessert : and personally I also quite enjoyed the company of their many cats, a few of whom became my sleeping buddies at night. My workaway here was definatley the best I have ever had!

It was such a good, recreative, intense and illuminating time for me. I really got a new perspective on live! I enjoyed it to live so close with the nature. People there are so warmhaearted and nice and you can really learn something from them, in many ways. It is completlely off the beaten track.

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So, thank you again for this great experience! From the first message we got from Molli and Sam we were excited to host them. And we didn't regret it for one minute. This young couple of marathonrunners is so funny, helpful, enthousiastic and thankful in any situation, even out of their comfort zone. We had a great Halloweenparty, long sunny days in the garden, moving stones, soil and … read more wheeds, peaceful meditation sessions and exchanges, nice hikes and a lot of laughter with them.

Thank you, Molli and Sam!