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Vanier describes a few of the symptoms of depression: "The person feels overwhelmed by sadness; an inner death surges forth from the depths of their being. Life no longer flows forth in them or around them.

Beyond Depression and Suicide: The Mental Health of Transgender College Students

All energy is sapped and all zest for life is lost. Vanier is convinced that it is important to put words to the pain of depression and to have faith in the sun that is shining behind the dark clouds.

But perhaps the best medicine is relying upon a network of friends who love and accept us. Vanier concludes: "Depression is a painful reality, a crisis, but at the same time crisis can bring us to greater freedom if we discover how to live with it and how to move towards healing.

Read an excerpt on Hope. Purchase from Powell's Books. History of stroke and current functional limitations predict passive suicidal ideation, above and beyond depressed mood.

Passive suicidal ideation is not limited to older adults reporting depressed mood, and is associated with health history and functional status. To provide valid estimates of the month prevalence of passive suicidal ideation among older adults, without conditioning on depression status, using the Health and Retirement Study HRS.

And accepting that medication can save my life

In the HRS, passive suicidal ideation i. We compare two approaches to estimating the month prevalence of passive suicidal ideation in the HRS without conditioning on depression symptoms: 1 a probit selection model within the HRS, and 2 a prediction model developed using appended ECA data applied to the HRS.

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Depending on the approach used, between 5. Correcting for this selection bias, between Population surveillance of suicidal ideation among older adults is biased by survey approaches that only assess ideation in the context of depression. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies.