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Lori sighed. Clearly, her phone connection with the beyond was in need of repair. Luna rubbed her arm, shy. I'll get my axe! Suddenly, she was face to face with a very unnerving wooden puppet. Answer me this: What do you call a girl who really wants to make friends? Coconuts slapped his knee. Coconuts and Benny. Great prop use, though! You'll make friends! I promise! You're kind of creeping me out now. Just know that I'm here, ok? Get it? Her family, smiling brightly, and her overlooking them, almost like a third parent.

She ran her thumb on the picture, caressing her loved ones with a sad smile. Leni, not sharp, but so loving. Luna, talented and amazing. Luan, funny at times and bright. Lynn, tough and protective like herself, she reasoned.

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Lincoln, her only brother, and the boy she wanted to protect so much. Lucy, so spooky, but in her own unique way. Lana, adorable and messy. Lola, sweet and lovely usually. Lisa, cute and wise.

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Lily, her little baby sister. Mom and Dad, the people who raised her, the ones she turned to when she didn't know what to do. She sighed. And sure, she'd visit, and video chat and the like, but She'd leave. That was scary. She had to make this trip memorable! This would be the last time!

Not just with her sisters, but with her friends! She closed the phone. Only for Leni to pop up. Is this shirt Ding Dong! Lori fell down from surprise as Leni screamed in delight. You open the door! I need to say goodbye to the floor Leni dashed to the door, fixed her hair and clothes, and twisted the knob. Ok, give me a second, and I'll tell you all of them: Deep breath Standing outside, we have Whitney, with hair of yellow and a heart of She waves excitedly, her smile infectious. Becky had two big secrets: She loved Ace Savvy.

And she loved Leni. Boy, was she looking forward to this trip, where she'd most definitely be exposed! Blushing, but for less stressful reasons, was Chaz, Leni's new boyfriend. Her small ponytale drooping in the wind, Fiona looked as bummed as ever. Still, at least she'd hang with Leni and Miguel One look at her fellow employee told her that he felt the same. Fiona and Miguel rolled their eyes. Sure, they were all friends now, but there was still some tension between the group. Luan caught sight of Jackie, and gulped.

Jackie waved, and she dragged the rest of the drama club to the center. The two had shared a kiss not long ago, and were unsure of where the relationship was heading.

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Next to Benny was Shannon, her glasses and freckles bouncing with glee. Shannon gave Amy a fierce stare, her arch enemy always getting one over her.

She had a boyfriend, popularity, everything! Jeez, she hated her! The two girls exchanged angry stares, while Ruby texted on her phone and rolled her eyes. Spencer, nervous about the whole affair, looked at his arms. What did I write here? Meanwhile, Parvanna fixed her hijab and smiled at Luan, giving her a thumbs up. She could kind of feel her uneasiness, and she wanted to make her feel welcome.

If only Leo and Lyberti could feel less uneasy. They had gone through quite a bit during the play and Let's just say things were sort of One more drama club girl was left. Luan looked at her, and immediately felt She sort of looked like Lucy, but this girl was Luna finally joined, just in time to meet face to face with Sam.

The two girls blushed and giggled, and shared a loving hug, their hearts beating in synch.

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Should they kiss? Both girls considered it, before deciding not to. That could wait for when they're alone.


The two former enemies greeted each other warmly, the rivalry of old but a distant memory. Carol, though, was new to the whole friends thing. All her life, she had tried to best Lori, and because of this, she didn't have any real friends. Lori was a new, although very welcome, development. Hey, girl? A great friend, a great sister, a great team mom. How could she ever compare?

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Carol sighed, but tried to smile, hoping this trip will go well. Lori took a deep breath and looked at all the teens.

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She tried again. She took a giant megaphone. She put it down and announced the details. Lori continued her speech. Chaz likey! Becky nodded, but for different reasons. Totes adorbs! Lori clapped for attention. Lori cleared her throat. Lori clapped her hands. Unfortunately, Chaz got stuck as he tried to enter Vanzilla. Sorry, guys. Chaz looked down in shame. Was he really such a burden?

Chaz smiled reassuredly despite himself and gave her a thumbs up. Their pet names are adorbs too! No need to rush me, Jackie! Leni chimed in, a little worried. This is a fun trip! With one deft shove, the doors closed, and the van could finally start its journey. Meanwhile, Leni and Chaz were admiring each other. Chaz grinned and squeezed back. This was going to be a hard trip, huh? Someone who called her pet names, and who caressed her, and who accepted her for who she is?

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