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It is time for a new vision, new perspectives and new energy for this important publication.

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It has been a privilege to be associated with this journal and with Longwoods Publishing. Leaving is easier knowing that Dr. Lynn Nagle will assume the editorial chair.

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Lynn is well known as an expert in nursing informatics and is the founding president of the Canadian Nursing Informatics Association. Readers of this journal are familiar with her through the informatics column that she has written for several years. Editor-in-chief is an important role, but its importance has become clearer to me in retrospect — more so than when I took up the role in As editor, you have the right and the responsibility to determine what gets published and what is rejected.

The former is a cause for celebration, made easy when the peer reviewers unanimously agree on a worthy paper and recommend publication. It's much more difficult if there is a split and the editor-in-chief is required to use her judgment or go to a third reviewer, which can extend the time to a decision by several weeks at best.

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  • Kristinn Hrafnsson replaces Julian Assange as WikiLeaks editor-in-chief.

Rejecting a paper is much more difficult and, in most cases, a reluctant decision, knowing the amount of work that the authors have put into it. Our peer reviewers are crucial to the process, and they serve us well.

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Several of our reviewers are called on regularly — probably, from their perspective, too regularly — because of their expertise in particular areas. The entire approval process would collapse if it were not for the thoughtful and timely response from our reviewers, and I thank them for their dedication over the past seven years. Editorials are the other major responsibility of editors. For me, this is probably the most difficult and, at the same time, the most rewarding aspect of the role. Editorials are simply short essays, usually at the front of the journal, that express the editor's opinion.

They may relate to a current event or to any topic of interest to the editor.

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At times the intent is to persuade the reader. Thus, my editorials have provided me with a platform to state my views on a wide range of issues that have arisen over the past seven years. Some I have felt passionately about, and these have been the easiest to write; others addressed subjects that I felt needed more attention in terms of policy, research or practice.

A subcommittee of the eLife Board of Directors will oversee the search process and will appoint the new Editor-in-Chief. For further details, please read the job description.

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Questions and comments are welcome. Please post comments here or contact us at hello [at] elifesciences [dot] org.

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  5. Kristinn Hrafnsson replaces Julian Assange as WikiLeaks editor-in-chief.
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  7. For news on our search and other news from eLife, sign up to receive our bi-monthly newsletter. The Industry Standard is a U. It is a revival of a weekly magazine based in San Francisco which was published between and The Industry Standard called itself "the newsmagazine of the Internet economy", and it specialized in areas where business and the Internet overlapped. Like Wired , Red Herring , and later Business 2.

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    The magazine, which was owned by the technology publishing company IDG , was in many ways the brainchild of John Battelle , who had been a journalist at Wired both in the United States and the United Kingdom. Jonathan Weber was its editor-in-chief. The magazine also ran a web site, thestandard.

    Beginning in , The Standard began selling a large number of advertising pages in the magazine, and began to be referred to as "the bible" of the Internet economy. In , it sold more ad pages than any magazine in America, and launched that year a European edition.