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The hollow shell of a withdrawn 9 pound toddler has been replaced with a vibrant, energetic preschooler.

What a joy to deepen our relationship with our little boy who refers to us as Mummy and Daddy. The testimony that God is with us has never been more tangible than in the hands of a humble child.


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To this union was born a daughter Emmaline. After Henry died accidentally in and Emmaline died of an illness in , Emma moved down river to McGregor to live alone in a contemporary chipodoke, which was eventually destroyed by floods.

Local fishermen gave Emma their carp for her soup and she would skin muskrats and raccoons for hunters and trappers in exchange for the meat. To earn a living, Emma is best known as a basket maker, bead worker and herb gatherer. Many of the older generation recall Emma sitting on the riverbank making her beadwork and baskets from black ash trees and natural dyes, selling her wares by the Marquette bridge and downtown McGregor.