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Both agencies have verification request forms on their websites. A nominal fee is charged. I am getting married or divorced. Is there a problem with changing my legal name after I applied for the exams using my maiden or married name? Yes, there may be a problem. Failure of the certificant to receive his or her renewal notice does not relieve the certificant of his or her professional responsibility for renewing their certification. Can I still use my professional designations after my certification expires because I forgot to renew it? What should I do if I change my legal name, have a new email address, new telephone contact number, or move to a new address?

You need to update your online account at the ANCC or at the AANPCB website within 30 days if there are any changes in your contact information, such as your legal name, residence address, email, or phone number. Yes, there is. All of the contact hours and practice hours must be completed within the current 5-year certification period.

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The process can be started as early as 12 months before your certification expires. Recertification applications should be submitted no later than 12 weeks prior to the expiration date of the current certification to allow time for reviewing, processing, and issuing the new certificate before the expiration of the current certification. Note : Save a digital or hard copy or other proof of all your continuing-education hours and clinical practice hours. If you are audited, you will be asked to submit proof of your continuing-education hours e.

How many clinical hours of practice are required to renew my certification every 5 years? The ANCC no longer requires clinical practice hours for recertification, although the AANPCB does require 1, hours of clinical practice in your area of specialty completed in the previous 5 years before recertification. If you do not have enough clinical hours, another method you can use to recertify is to retake the examination combined with the required continuing-education hours. For ANPs and GNPs, you do not have the option to recertify by retaking the examination because the exams for your specialty have been retired.

How many continuing-education contact hours are required for recertification? ANCC : 75 contact hours of continuing education are required. You also need one or more of the eight ANCC renewal categories e. ANCC : Of the 75 contact hours, 25 of those hours must be in pharmacotherapeutics. If you double the 75 contact hours , only 25 contact hours are required. There is no grace period or backdating. On the day when your certification expires, you are prohibited from using your designation after your name.

In addition, you will have a gap in your certification dates. The ANCC recommends that you check with your state licensing board to determine whether you can continue to practice as an NP. They also recommend that you check with your employer and with the agencies that are reimbursing your services. Yes, you may. You can renew your certification through continuing education and clinical hours. If you let your certification lapse, you no longer have the examination option. Unless there are other options in the future check the websites for updates , only students who have graduated from an AGNP program are permitted to take that exam.

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No, there is not. For both exams, the true percentage of clinical questions is actually higher because many nonclinical topics are mixed into the two clinical domains Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing and Independent Practice.

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The nonclinical topics inserted under these two predominantly clinical domains include advocacy, theory, community needs assessment, research methodology, critiquing research findings, and ethical issues, among others. The exams have a total of questions, but only of these are graded. The next largest group is geriatrics 29 questions. Therefore, at least one out of two questions will relate to a patient who is 21 years of age or older. There will be very few questions on the prenatal period and obstetrics four questions. Keep this in mind when you are reviewing, and do not spend too much time on this content.

Most test-takers who sit for the NP certification exams are new graduates. These questions are not graded. There is no way to identify the pilot test questions from the graded questions. New clinical information treatment guidelines or new drugs released within the previous 10 months prior to the current exam will most likely not be included. Keep in mind that the questions will be on primary care disorders e.

If you are guessing, avoid picking an exotic diagnosis as an answer. The AANPCB exams will list the normal lab results when they are pertinent to a question, but they will be listed only once.

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Write them down on some scratch paper or a whiteboard. When a related question comes up later, these pertinent lab values will not be listed again.

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For example, they may list their mean corpuscular volume MCV normal value between 82 and fL femtoliters. If you are taking the ANCC exam, it is important to memorize some normal lab results and to write them down on scratch paper during the computer tutorial time period. Learn the significance of abnormal lab results and the type of follow-up needed to further evaluate the patient.

The NP suspects temporal arteritis. The screening test is the sedimentation rate, which is expected to be much higher than normal elevated value.

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Cultural topics are covered in this book in the nonclinical chapters. The most common cause for Navajo patients to skip health visits and follow-up visits is the lack of transportation. It can be transported to the dentist in cold milk not frozen milk. Specificity is defined as the ability of a test to detect a person who is healthy or to detect the person without the disease. Several emergent conditions that may present in the primary care area will be on the exam. Some questions may ask about the gold-standard test or the diagnostic test for a condition.

Distinguish between first-line and second-line antibiotics. For adult-gerontology NPs, the age in the example that follows can be changed to an adolescent or an adult. Become knowledgeable about alternative antibiotics for penicillin-allergic patients.

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If the patient has a gram-positive infection, the possible alternatives are macrolides, clindamycin, or quinolones with gram-positive activity such as levofloxacin or moxifloxacin. If a patient has an infection that responds well to macrolides, but she thinks she is allergic to erythromycin symptoms of nausea or gastrointestinal [GI] upset , inform her that she had an adverse reaction, not a true allergic reaction hives, angioedema. If a patient fails to respond to the initial medication, add another medication follow the steps of the treatment guideline.

How I Passed My FNP Certification Exam: Top Study Tools

On follow-up, the patient complains that his symptoms are not relieved. The next step would be to prescribe an albuterol inhaler Ventolin or to prescribe a combination inhaler. Disease states are usually presented in their full-blown classic textbook presentations. If the patient is older, but has the same signs and symptoms, it is still mononucleosis reactivated type.

Beta thalassemia is more common in Mediterranean people. No asymptomatic or borderline cases of disease states are presented in the test. In the exam, they will probably have these clinical findings plus the other findings of anemia. These patients should be advised to avoid or to minimize sunlight exposure photosensitivity. Long-term, low-dosed steroids are commonly used to control symptoms pain, severe stiffness in shoulders and hip girdle.

PMR patients are also at higher risk for temporal arteritis. The gold-standard exam for temporal arteritis is a biopsy of the temporal artery. Refer the patient to an ophthalmologist for management. Learn the disorders for which maneuvers are used and what a positive report signifies. Anterior drawer maneuver and Lachman maneuver—positive if anterior cruciate ligament ACL of the knee is damaged. The knee may also be unstable. The abnormal eye findings in diabetes diabetic retinopathy and hypertension hypertensive retinopathy should be memorized.

Learn to distinguish each one. Become knowledgeable about physical exam normal and abnormal findings. Scoring: absent 0 , hypoactive 1 , normal 2 , hyperactive 3 , and clonus 4. Torus palatinus and fishtail uvula may be seen during the oral exam in a few patients.

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Some commonly used drugs have rare but potentially life-threatening adverse effects. When medications are used in the answer options, they will be listed either by name generic and brand name or by drug class alone. Quinolones with gram-positive coverage: Levofloxacin Levaquin , moxifloxacin Avelox , gatifloxacin Tequin.

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  8. Avoid nitrofurantoin and sulfa drugs during the third trimester these increase risk of hyperbilirubinemia. The preferred treatment for cutaneous anthrax is ciprofloxacin mg orally BID for 60 days or for 8 weeks. If the patient is allergic to ciprofloxacin, use doxycycline mg BID. Cutaneous anthrax is not contagious; it comes from touching fur or animal skins that are contaminated with anthrax spores. Starting at the age of about 11 years, most children can understand abstract concepts early abstract thinking and are better at logical thinking.

    There may be two to three questions relating to abuse child abuse, domestic abuse, elderly abuse. Follow national treatment guidelines for certain disorders. FNP exam. Diabetes Care , 37 Suppl. Silver Spring, MD: Nursesbooks.