Guide From Congo to Kosovo: Civilian Police in Peace Operations (Adelphi series)

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It looks at the way civilian police play a critical role in reforming local police forces and at times enforcing the law themselves. Six books are published each year. Learn more…. Routledge eBooks are available through VitalSource. Most VitalSource eBooks are available in a reflowable EPUB format which allows you to resize text to suit you and enables other accessibility features.

Where the content of the eBook requires a specific layout, or contains maths or other special characters, the eBook will be available in PDF PBK format, which cannot be reflowed. As in many other countries, there seems to be little or no recent material on humanitarian law published by the Defence Forces or the Department of Defence which is accessible and useful to ordinary serving personnel or the general public. Despite efforts by individuals within the legal service, the Department of Defence and the military authorities could do much more to encourage interest in and respect for the principles involved.

This is also the situation among the armed forces of other countries, and amounts to a serious lacuna in efforts to ensure dissemination of humanitarian law. The Canadian report concluded that training in the law of armed conflict is of critical importance to effective peacekeeping: it cannot continue to be provided for in an ad hoc manner.

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In this regard the office of the Judge Advocate General of the Canadian Forces was likewise said to be of critical importance, and the report recommended that this office should be the focus for such training. It too must receive sufficient resources, particularly personnel resources, both to carry out a large amount of writing, research, preparation and training of its own personnel and to ensure the delivery of effective training. All defence establishments should consider the use of selected trained operators to conduct training at unit an d sub-unit level.

It is neither practical nor desirable for legal officers or their equivalent to oversee or conduct all training in this field. The emphasis should be on integrating it into the operational context and training appropriate operational military personnel of every branch to deliver much of the relevant instruction in international humanitarian law. Random selections of Irish soldiers serving with UNIFIL were asked to reply to the following questionnaire, and the results were as follows:. Indicate how you came to know about the Geneva Conventions.

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When was the last time you received formal military instruction in relation to the Conventions? Do you think the Geneva Conventions and laws of war have any practical relevance to modern armies?

From Congo to Kosovo : Civilian Police in Peace Operations

Do you think the Geneva Conventions have any relevance on peacekeeping mission? How would you rate your personal knowledge and understanding of the Geneva Conventions? Would you like to know more about the Geneva Conventions?

Have you received adequate instruction in the Defence Forces on the meaning and relevance of the Geneva Conventions? International humanitarian law denotes the whole body of law applicable during armed conflict, often referred to as the law of armed conflict jus in bello.

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Fleck ed. See T. Meron and A. See also L. Doswald-Beck and S. See also D. For an overview of peacekeeping see B.

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Simma ed. See Shagra and Zacklin, Symposium, op. See M. George H. See generally C. Witherby, London, XIV, , p. VIII, , p. XXXIV, , pp. However, Articles 32 and 33 of the ICC Statute recognize that a mistake of law may, in certain circumstances, be a ground for excluding criminal responsibility: Triffterer, op. The first recognition of the need to inform the armed forces of the rules of war is found in the Oxford Manual prepared by the Institute of International Law in , reproduced in D.

Schindler and J. See note 26 and H. Green, op. Though this need was recognized much earlier by some. See L. XIV, , pp. See also Lt. XXXV, , pp. Stimson Centre, July , p. In addition, many of the operational- level personnel interviewed for the report remarked that dry legal lectures by military lawyers were not particularly helpful. It was considered that training by their own warrant and other officers would have been preferable.

The recommendations were adopted by the Report of the Commission of Enquiry , op. See Recommendations, Chapter 21, para. Since then Canada has implemented a comprehensive programme on education in and dissemination of international humanitarian law among its armed forces. Murphy and C. See Appendix. The survey was completed by a cross-section of all ranks, and this meant that the majority of replies were from privates, and then from non-commissioned officers. David Shambaugh. Corporate Warriors.

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