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If we can be more beautiful in our thoughts, in our actions and in how we interact with the world, we can build beautiful businesses — and beautiful lives.

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Imbued with gentle optimism, insight, knowledge, inspiration in how beauty can be applied to you business life. Author, speaker.

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A craftsman of Beautiful Businesses. My mission is to lovingly provoke people to change; to see new fresh thinking and discover innovative and productive ways of working.

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I will be in conversation with people that are committed to creating beauty in all aspects of their business. Close this module. As soon as we reached it, Gavin placed his bouquet of lilies down next to the headstone and stepped back, hands shoved deeply into his pockets.

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We stood there in silence for a few minutes, and it was hard not to feel awkward. I ran one hand through my hair, from the roots to the tips, then stepped forward myself. Butterflies assaulted the walls of my stomach for some unknown reason, and my mouth was dry when I opened it to speak.

Oh, crap! Palmin, I appreciate that.

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His hair was slicked back, as it had been the previous night, and in his hands was a small bouquet of white roses. At the sight of the Brit, the knots in my stomach that had been unraveling tightened once more. Uh, hi… What are you doing here? Mine just so happens to lie next to yours.

Learning to be Beautiful

Uh, Linc, Dad. Dad, Linc. You were lucky to have her.

As he did so, he crouched down near the gravestone and murmured a few words, soft and low. A few moments of silence passed as the three of us merely stood there.


I think the both of you would have liked her. I heard Linc inhale and exhale heavily and I allowed myself to look back up at him. A small smile was curving his lips upwards, and his eyes seemed far off, as if all they could see were his memories. Once she tried to make cookies… the result was a batch of chocolate-chip charcoal. Gavin and I laughed softly along with him until his eyes regained focus.

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The queer facial expression, however, remained in place. He seemed serene, at peace. I wondered why his lip curled slightly at the mention of fathers.