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It offers an intimate atmosphere where one is free to follow one's own route, and touch, read, smell and look at authentic artifacts to explore this family's fragmentary, haunted past and relate it to today's mindset. Some visitors come to realise that wide gaps between social hierarchies can cause similar ruptures in the future. This, in fact, was the maker's main motivation in assembling an installation: to stimulate reflections on colonialism as a persistent mindset.

In other words: opening up a silenced traumatic past may liberate an individual of their demons from the past, but may also unearth some 'ghosts' that will keep haunting the future. She was a jealous and conniving woman. I thought the characters were all well developed but Caroline's husband Joel was almost too kind and good to be true. Apr 11, Diane added it. Interesting reading. Surprise endings, which I love. Am going to add her to my list of reading to do. It starts of over seas, and a family running from Hitler and the war. Ends in America, with a kind of happy ending, but ties up all the pieces nicely.

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Loved it. Dec 07, Adriana Parrinello rated it liked it. This book was actually good, kept me turning the pages, but I will admit that I wish there was more character building. It moved from one characters point of view to another's, not giving an opportunity to delve deeper into each character. The twist at the end was shocking, but disappointing, because the character was a fraud the whole time.

Legacy of Silence

Jul 17, Woltmann95 rated it it was ok. It was a struggle for me to stay with this. Her writing leaves a lot to be desired. Choppy sentences, poor character development. I have only read Evergreen years ago and liked it. Too many good authors to waste my time on her. Sep 30, Sherri Williamson rated it it was amazing. A great read, realistic, not Danielle Steeleish, it was hard to put it aside. I love books like this that are a portrait of our human natures, I haven't read Belva Plain in ages, I've been missing out on a great writer.

Jan 08, Stacie Dore rated it it was ok. This book is about a family escaping pre - war Germany and the generations that follow into the 90's. This story had a nice little puzzle built into it but I felt that the awkward writing and shallow characters really reduced any real connection to the story. Aug 03, V. Allison rated it really liked it Shelves: general-fiction , historical , general-drama. I adore Belva Plain's writing, she can spin a tale that sweeps you into it so quickly, you are finished reading it in no time.

Nov 27, Babs rated it really liked it. Oct 18, Diane rated it liked it.

A Legacy of Silence

Picked this up on a whim from a stack of old books. It was a quick read with little substance. Having read several novels recently with WWII settings, this one seemed rather weak. Jun 19, Joyous Link rated it liked it. Loved this book I couldn't put the book down. It was both happy and sad! The women in it were woven like a thread all through the book. It had a surprise ending! Mar 23, Irene rated it it was amazing. Wonderful book and story. Hadn't read Belva Plain in a long time and I enjoyed this book very much.

Aug 05, Karen Tripmacher rated it really liked it. Surprise ending. Great storytelling! I dislike reading books about the WWII era and all of the anxiety surrounding the separation of families. This book spanned 3 generations of women and the stories of their lives. Mar 10, Joan Baslow-Temple rated it liked it. A good story but rather too formulaic for me. Legacy Belva plain was one of my mothers favorite authors. I can not tell you how many times she read Evergreen. I am now a fan. It truly amazes me how Belva Plain can write about a family through many generations.

This book does not disappoint. I am going to reread her books for many years to come. Amazed and intrigued. Feb 20, Christine rated it it was amazing. A story about two generations of a family started in when Caroline and her adopted sister went to America, she was pregnant and unmarried. The reason for the title of the story comes at the end. I enjoyed it very much. Aug 13, Diana rated it liked it.

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Lore is an orphaned girl who is adopted by a rich family in Berlin. The family has a younger, biologial daughter, Caroline.

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Story takes place starting at the beginning of WWII. Caroline is beautiful and has fallen in love with boy from her neighborhood. The boy's father is big in the Nazi party, but the boy does not hold the same political views. The parents can see what is coming in Germany and send the girls to Switzerland to stay with friends until they can get out of Germany.

They never come Lore is an orphaned girl who is adopted by a rich family in Berlin. They never come to Switzerland, so the girls go to the U. This pertains to all the authors of the piece, their spouses or partners. Login Alert. Log in. Aa Aa. Check if you have access via personal or institutional login.

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