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Australia, a land cast adrift at the time of the dinosaurs. Isolated for millions of years, the weird and wonderful animals marooned here are like nowhere else on Earth. A dinosaur-like bird standing six feet tall, they are formidable but their success is down to how well a father cassowary can carefully protect his tiny stripy chicks.

Inland, the continent is full of more surprises. Chases can cover many miles and are often unsuccessful. Life in Australia is tough and getting tougher. Since its isolation, the continent has been rapidly drifting north, getting hotter and drier — turning the forests and grasslands to dust.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

In the sun-scorched red centre, reptiles rule the desert. Giant perentie lizards patrol the dusty land in search of smaller lizards to eat, and weird thorny devils drink using only their skin. At watering holes, huge flocks of wild budgerigars bring a splash of bright colour.

This island continent now lies so far north it is surrounded by warm, clear tropical waters, and here coral reefs thrive. They are home to a kaleidoscope of tiny colourful fish and the largest number of shark species in the world. Broadcaster, conservationist and national treasure Sir David Attenborough is once again the presenter and narrator for the BBC.

We all belong to a continent after all, we all share planet earth.

Lost Worlds (Ep-14) The Seven Wonders

Some highlights include:. We will learn about mountain formations, about continents that crashed together and how that impacted the animals that live there. Fredi Devas, producer of the Antarctica episode. They just have to remember where they have come from.

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The divers look up for where there might be a little bit more translucent light coming through the arrows. So many different types of animal have had to specialize to survive in this crowded world. Our question was: what do you need to do to carve your own niche or find your own way? One real highlight for me was our story about the Sumatran rhino.

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In some of those caves lives a creature called an olm, which is a blind salamander. People once thought olms were baby dragons. Renowned composer Hans Zimmer has collaborated with Bleeding Fingers Music and singer songwriter Sia to create the score. October 24, at am.

Lord Restimar : presumably deceased; probably killed by jumping unknowingly into the pool that turned things into gold on Deathwater Island it was never made clear if he would be dead or alive if he was ever rescued out of the pool. Lord Revilian : found at Aslan's Table in an enchanted sleep.

The Making of "Seven Worlds, One Planet"

Lord Argoz : found at Aslan's Table in an enchanted sleep. Lord Mavramorn : found at Aslan's Table in an enchanted sleep. Lord Rhoop : found alive but in a state of trauma-induced psychosis, having been trapped on the Dark Island where nightmares come true for several years. Adaptations In the The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader film , upon murdering his brother, Miraz tried to kill the Seven Lords who were his brother's most trusted friends and allies, so they had no choice but to flee Narnia.

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He sent them to Ramandu's Island , where they were meant to place all their swords on Aslan's Table , thereby destroying the Mist, but they were unsuccessful: - Lord Bern : was arrested on Narrowhaven before he could begin his quest, and spent many years imprisoned there, before Caspian X and the crew of the Dawn Treader rescued him.