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The US military has apologised for a tweet that threatened to bomb any protesters that stormed the mysterious Area 51 base. New York designer Tommy Hilfiger is expanding Down Under, with a new flagship store and celebrity collaborations. Google has been hit by a massive backlash after it was revealed that the tech giant had been collecting health data of millions of Americans without their knowledge. Two agents who were instrumental in tracking down drug lord Pablo Escobar have revealed details of his personal likes and obsessions. Mayor Patricia Arce was attacked by a mob who forcibly cut her hair, covered her in paint and marched her barefoot through the streets.

Dramatic photos have emerged revealing the terrifying moment officers were hit by petrol bombs during violent anti-government protests. Illegal loggers in the Amazon ambushed an indigenous group that was formed to protect the forest and shot dead a young warrior and wounded another. A teen has been arrested over the murder of her pregnant sister and reportedly admitted to cutting out her unborn baby. Warning: Graphic. A woman has confirmed that an arm found inside a tiger shark caught at Reunion Island is that of her husband after recognising his wedding ring.

A Mystery of Two "Gay" men of the West.

Mo Dewji was walking outside a hotel gym when a gang of violent thugs abducted him. Within days, he was begging them to kill him. A man who was just weeks into his prime ministership caught the attention of the world when he made a single decision that saved countless lives. A bloody scene unfolded today next to the Jerash archaeological site, an ancient city in Jordan, after an attacker drew a dagger and attacked eight people, including tourists. William and Kate have offered their ongoing support to the dad of a year-old girl who took her life after viewing posts on Instagram.

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Trump impeachment inquiry: First public hearing. Trump impeachment hearing gets under way. Residents bag Boris over UK flood response. Toddler crushed to death by aircon A two-year-old girl was being pushed in a pram by her mum when an airconditioning unit plunged from the sky and killed her.

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Video Retail. Video At Work. Cyclist refuses to move for mum and baby A cyclist laying across four seats on a train refused to move, preventing a mum with a pram from having a seat on the crowded carriage. Video News Life. Two Australian women killed in NZ crash Two Australian women have died in New Zealand after being involved in a horrific head-on collision just hours after arriving. Video Pacific. Video Climate Change. Video Travel Incidents. Horror as pro-Beijing activist burned alive A man has been set on fire in a horrific attack caught on video during increasingly violent protests in Hong Kong.

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Cop shoots protester in chilling livestream The shooting of a masked Hong Kong protester by police has been broadcast live on Facebook as the five-month protest escalates once again. I once fell and put my hand right through the belly of a man. It was days before I got the smell out of my nails. As you lifted a body by the arms and leg, the torso detached. Everyone lent a hand in this gruesome task. I was not particularly afraid of being killed. There seems to be a natural instinct when fighting to lean forward, to protect them. And yet there were also times when he escaped the trenches for a short spell of leave and rode his horse over green fields a few miles behind the lines.

It was a period of summer hayfields, singing birds and flowers on the one hand, and of mud, blood and the stink of dead bodies on the other, with nothing to separate these two worlds but a few hours of marching time In the field: A memorial statue in Ypres, Belgium, the scene of much fighting, is lit by the sunset. He was astonished by the quiet courage around him.

Word would be passed on, echoing down the line. Men with stomach wounds moaned.

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Otherwise there was silence. Human dignity was often shattered as the wounds and sicknesses of war took their terrible toll. So I took him by one arm and another pal got hold of him by the other, and we dragged him to the latrine. We tried to keep the flies off him and to turn him round - put his backside towards the trench.

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But he simply rolled into the trench, half-sideways, head first in the slime. He drowned in his own excrement. In my company there are only 10 men left. The distance was shrouded by rain and mist, from out of which the boom of gunfire came distant and muffled. It was the sounds of the battlefield that stuck in the memory of novelist Ford Madox Ford.

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Home: Soldiers spent months - if not years - mostly hunkered down in trenches like these. The war, he was discovering, made him impervious to normal emotions. When he saw a thousand casualties on stretchers coming away from the front line he felt depressed - not for them but for himself, because he would have to go back into the hell from which they had come.

Nurse Sarah MacNaughton saw similar lines of wounded arriving at her field hospital.

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They fall asleep even while their wounds are being dressed. Others lie very stiff and straight, and all look very thin and haggard. Leslie Holden was one such casualty, lying in a hospital bed in France and writing home to his family in Australia. Yet amid the carnage, what grew was an intense sense of comradeship that kept men fighting when everything inside them screamed out to run and get away.

Guy Chapman wrote lyrically about returning with his regiment from a brief respite out of the front line, spirits astonishingly high considering the major offensive they knew awaited them. We are content to live in the moment, to feel the warm sun, to enjoy the strength of our bodies, and to be lulled by the rhythmical momentum with which we march.

At the halts they lay in the long wet grass and gossiped, enormously at ease. The whistle blew. They jumped for their equipment. Hump your pack and get a move on, the next hour, man, will bring you three miles nearer to your death. Craters: Fighters advancing on enemy positions often took shelter in holes such as these left by enemy shells. You are not even a pawn. There was also courage, of the sort displayed by year-old Lieutenant Tom Adlam on the Somme.

The trench we had to capture was yards away and we got halfway before the machine guns started up and we dived into shell holes. His commanding officer wanted to call off the operation and pull back, but Adlam pressed on. And they did just that, following the lead of a popular officer. The captured trench was full of abandoned German grenades, one of which Adlam tossed in the direction of the enemy. They came to a crossroads, from which one trench led to the Schwaben Redoubt, a massive complex of machine-gun emplacements and dug-outs at the heart of the German defensive line on the Somme.

They could have turned back, having achieved their initial objective and more. But Adlam insisted that he and his men would stay and take part in the attack on the redoubt. Told dirty stories and made crude remarks. Outside the redoubt there was a huge crater about 50 feet across and lined with Germans popping away at us.


So I got hold of the old bombs again and started bombing them out. Then we charged, all my men coming on behind very gallantly.

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  • I could throw with both arms so I carried on using my left one until the CO came up and told me to stop.