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I have one middle grade aged child who is a huge influence on the material. My older kids read the material and help me with ideas as well. My middle daughter plays the voice of Dawn in all of the animated shorts we are making for the series.

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I would say that all of the kids in my life, my nieces, friends, neighbors etc. You learn a lot about conversational dynamics and issues of middle graders when you spend time with them. We have some fun characters and stories coming up! Book two The Creeping Dark , coming September 13 has a tuatara, a really cool prehistoric lizard with a third eye on the top of her head. We have a creepy eye-eye with the signature long middle finger.

And then there some old favorites too, look for jerboas and kiwis and of course a wombat.

I wrote The Nocturnals with the hope that books, and strong literature, could play a larger role in the way kids share entertainment. So many of us, kids included, are getting our entertainment from screens—YouTube videos, apps, shows, etc. I would love for books to come back as a more integral type of shared entertainment. The staccato of the series and the things the characters say are meant to be sound-bitey and irresistible.

Thank you to Gabloverq and Hweezbooks for posting and sharing this with me! Encouragement like this lightens cloudy days like today. Thanks to my dear, dear friend Arlene who sent this photo of her Significant Other all geared up for the big read! Although I worried excessively mid-year about my lack of output, I realized on hindsight, that I really needed this time of quiet reflection. I had lapsed back into my rocking horse character in The Tale of Rusty Horse , concerned about crowd opinion and fretting because one person commented my writing is a hobby.

Prince of the Apocalypse (The Pangolia Chronicles Book 2)

I had never envisioned that I would be on stage with my kid for a mother-son reading. It was a proud mum moment for me. It was an experience, especially running my first outdoor walking workshop with about 20 families. It was an added delight to hear my publisher Petra read a page of the book at the conference where she was a speaker. I completed one more picture book for Wildlife Reserves Singapore. This latest book centres on another endangered animal, following on from my first book Why did the Pangolin cross the Road?

The bilingual book be out early next year. I thank God that we finally secured the conference venue in November and completed the conference publicity brochure.

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It was a timely sharing as I became a published author in October 10 years ago. Late this year, I was invited to submit contributions to two Christian anthologies of sorts. I have completed my submission for one and am in the midst of working on the other. Both involve personal reflections of my recent journey facing breast cancer. I just completed my year-long writing residency at Gardens by the Bay. For me, playing music is the counterpart of all that word stuff.

Each book is different and presents its own problems. In a series, you have to leave something on the table to talk about next time. It has to be a complete story, but you need something to get the reader to launch into the next book. In this semisequel, the narrator is Jeff, one of the other Firegirl characters. In this book, I wanted to go deeper into why not. In July, his book, Denis Ever After, will be released.

Stay tuned for more new ideas from Abbott. Now, Delle Donne has written a book series intended to help young girls recognize that the very thing that makes them different is often what makes them special.

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Delle Donne grew up in Delaware in a very close-knit family. Despite all of her challenges, Lizzie has been a constant source of inspiration for Delle Donne. Six feet tall by the time she was in eighth grade, Delle Donne was constantly aware that she was different from her peers. Eventually, she learned to see her height not as an adversity, but as an advantage, particularly in the sport of basketball. While she recognized what an honor it was to be selected for such a prestigious team, she felt uneasy about it.

I was also feeling a lot of pressure at the time because I was making these big decisions about my future, which was moving too fast for my liking. After only a few days, she left UConn and enrolled at the University of Delaware. After college, Delle Donne started playing with the Chicago Sky, the second pick overall in the draft. She was with the Sky for four seasons, despite her occasionally near-debilitating battle with Lyme disease. It required dedication, commitment, and StoryMonsters.

I always try to push myself in practice, preparation, and passion. Since , Delle Donne has served as a global ambassador to the Special Olympics, a cause that resonates very deeply with her. I wanted to give back and be a part of a community that. She is also enjoying writing books, although she admits writing for kids took some effort.

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The third book, Peanut Butter and Jelly, will be released in March. Clanton became fixated on narwhals after picking up Polar Obsession, a photography book about animals by Paul Nicklen. Then it struck me—what if the character was as sweet and awesome as waffle cones? What if he was one continual sugar rush of goodness?

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How adorable is that? I was so far behind the other students. I had never read a chapter book before. I just held the book and pretended to read, turning the page when the kid sitting next to me did. If you use those muscles, you can develop a skill. If you want to get better at soccer, you have to practice. If you want to get better at balancing pineapples on your head, then you have to practice.

It got me wondering if I could do something like that. After graduating, Clanton got a job running a before-and-after school program. She offered him an ultimatum. Maybe there was a letter from Michael Jordan or maybe there was an envelope with a million dollars. Oddly enough, I was never really deterred by the fact that there was nothing in there.

Knowing that my book is having such a positive effect on others, helping them heal and move forward and giving them hope, has been so rewarding to me. She originally wrote it in verse, later rewriting the story in prose. It was therapeutic. It took Copmann over 10 years to finish. I was busy. Her friend, quilter Shirley Kraus, did most of the stitching.