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When he leans over to comfort her, however, she bites his nose. This episode is derived from the prologue to the Wife of Bath's Tale rather than the tale itself. Sixth Tale The Reeve's Tale. In Cambridge, two students Alan and John bring a sack of grain to a mill to be milled into flour. Simkin the miller tricks the youths by freeing their horse and switching their flour for bran while they chase after it. When they return with the horse, it is late in the evening, and the students ask to stay the night.

The miller agrees to let them stay, and the two share a pallet bed next to one shared by the miller and his wife. During the night, one of the students seduces Molly, the miller's daughter, being careful not to wake the Miller. The miller's wife, meanwhile, gets up to urinate, and stumbles over the crib at the foot of her and the miller's pallet. Before she returns, the other student moves the crib to the foot of his own pallet, tricking the miller's wife into sleeping with him instead of the miller.

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The first student finishes having sex with Molly, and she confesses that she and father have stolen his flour. The student then gets into bed with the miller and tells him about his exploits with Molly, thinking that the miller is his companion.

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Seventh Tale The Pardoner's Tale. Rufus, one of a group of four young men is killed by a thief, spurning the others to seek out Death for themselves. The youths then encounter an old man, who they accuse of conspiring with Death in order to kill the young, and demand at knifepoint that they tell him where Death is located.

The old man tells them to look around a nearby oak tree, where they find instead an abundance of treasure. While two of the youths wait by the treasure, a third Dick the Sparrow leaves for town, returning later with three casks of wine, two of which he has poisoned. When he reaches the tree, the two youths drink the poisoned wine and stab their companion, then succumb to the poison. Eighth Tale The Summoner's Tale.

In the final tale, a gluttonous friar tries to extract as many donations as possible from a bedridden parishioner. The parishioner then offers him his most valuable possession, provided he promises to distribute it equally among all the friars. The parishioner claims that this possession is located beneath his buttocks. When the friar reaches down to retrieve the item, the bedridden man farts into his hands. That night, an angel visits the friar and brings him to hell, where Satan expels hundreds of corrupt friars from his rectum.

The film ends with the pilgrims arriving at the Canterbury Cathedral , and Chaucer at home writing the words "Qui finiscono i racconti di Canterbury, narrati solo per il piacere di raccontarli. Amen," meaning "Here ends the Canterbury Tales, told only for the pleasure of telling them. Amen:" a phrase that appears nowhere in the original Canterbury Tales. The following locations were used as settings for the tales [2] :.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with A Canterbury Tale. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Testo italiano per iPod. You're on Wu Ming's Official Website , this is the download page. Home page in English. Who we are and what we do - Biographical page. Except where stated otherwise, the content of this website is licensed under a Creative Common License. You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work.

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You've been took! You've been hoodwinked! Led astray! Run amok! Please complain to the publisher, and send us a copy of your letter with an English translation appended, if possible. Two main characters.

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One wants to overthrow the social order. The other is a spy in the service of the forces who want to maintain it. Q is the spy, in the pay of Father Carafa, an ultra conservative figure, rapidly rising up the hierarchy of the Catholic church. An epic from the bowels of history, set in central Europe and Northern Italy. Someone described the book as "a theological western". The frontcover above is that of the British paperback edition. Hatchets of War. One third autobiography, one third non-fiction novel, one third essay.

The story of Vitaliano Ravagli, a young leftist who gets sick of mid's Italy and goes to Indochina to join the Lao guerrillas fighting Colonialism. In today's Bologna, a young lawyer tries to find the mysterious "Italian vietcong" whose legend is told among old Partisans. Hollywood actors, cold warriors, mobsters, drug dealers and homing pigeons. What will Yugoslavian president Tito do, now that Joe Stalin is dead?

What is the hidden link between Lucky Luciano in his Italian exile, Cary Grant in schizophrenic combat with himself and a stolen TV set which turns out to be self-conscious and sensitive to boot? So far, the most ambitious Wu Ming collective novel.

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The frontcover above is that of the Dutch edition Vassallucci. In Massachusetts, the conflict between the British Empire and the American colonies becomes all out war. In the Mohawk River Valley a mestizo world exists. The thunder of war is heard in Boston and continues getting closer, old bonds are broken, the land that Sir William called "Iroquoireland" becomes a scene of hate and resentment. The war chief Joseph Brant Thayendanegea has to make a decision and set off, taking his people far from their native land, going beyond the world he has always known.

Manituana has been translated into Spanish , English and French. PDF , A whorehouse in Hong Kong. A young Errol Flynn and his "kraut" pal Hermann Erben tell their latest vicissitudes to a mysterious Italian. Everything started with a rooster fight War on the Humans. Marco has gotten sick of civilization. He goes to the Appennini hills and settles in a cave, only he's picked the wrong place to fulfill his troglodyitic fantasies.

Pretty soon he gets involved in a complex story about organized crime, clandestine dog-fighting and a sensational clash between ecowarriors and poachers.

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