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Arashiyama is one of the hot picks that retains its beauty through all seasons — this is especially so during Spring when the cherry trees along the Katsura River flourish and wash the already picturesque place in a sea of pastel colours. Heading out to more than one region of Japan this vacation?

Famous for the huge weeping cherry tree with a rich history that is over 70 years old, Maruyama Koen is one of the best places to view Cherry Blossoms not just in the day, but at night as well. The glorious tree — called the Gion Shidare-zakura, is illuminated from the moment the sun sets till 1am and adds to the festive atmosphere amongst the numerous beer stalls and food stands that you are free to enjoy within the park. Home not only to the outstanding historical landmark, the Osaka Castle is surrounded by an extensive park planted with over cherry trees.

Apart from the Nishinomaru Garden that is home to some of these trees, the expansive park ensures you will have enough time and space to capture the perfect image of spring. For those not tied for time, it would be a good idea to wait for sun down when both the castle and trees are lit up, taking the atmosphere of the park to another level.

If you only have limited travel time, one of the places you definitely have to visit when in Osaka during springtime would be Kema-Sakuranomiya park. Frequently visited by the locals themselves to admire the sakura, this park is known for its over cherry trees that bloom during springtime. Accompanied by Okawa river and lush greenery, the Kema-Sakuranomiya park is probably one of the best locations in Osaka for that Instagram photoshoot. Everyone already knows this popular park as the place to be when it comes to getting up close and personal and snapping best friend selfies with the shy yet cheeky creatures — But did you know that there are actually more cherry trees than deer in this wonderful park?

Coupled with a number of famous temples in close proximity, this park definitely makes the perfect spot to take pictures for the gram. Remember to grab a bag of deer crackers to bribe the deers into helping you to get the best shot. Instagram worthy moments are littered through the park — be it the castle ruins or the Cherry Blossoms that are of a darker pink than the ones in main Japan.

Take the chance to join in the fun at the Nakijin Cherry Blossom festival to wait for nightfall when the castle and the trees are illuminated and look right out the scene of a fairytale story. When in Korea during Hanami season, the lovely port city of Jinhae is one place you have to go to get that pop of pastel for your Instagram.

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Home to one of the biggest Cherry Blossom festivals held in Korea annually — the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival , Jinhae is known to have the largest cluster of cherry trees in the world. This small island sitting on the Han river is a big contender for one of the best places to get that Cherry Blossom snapshot. Conveniently located in Seoul, this is the best bet for those who have limited travel time but still want to catch the Cherry Blossoms in action.

More than 18, Cherry trees and other flowers like azaleas and forsythia bloom alongside the Han river here and guarantee you a cascade of pink petals at every turn. In addition, the Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival means plenty of food, exciting events and performances will add to the festive spring atmosphere at this pink paradise. Surrounding the clear blue Seokchon Lake are hundreds of trees lined beautifully around the lake. As with most popular Cherry Blossom locations in Korea, a festival — the Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival happens annually and definitely adds to the buzz.

Standing at m high, Namsan Park or Namsan Hill is extremely popular for for its lovely walking trails that are teeming with different species of flora and fauna.

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In addition to having different varieties of beautiful blooming Cherry Blossoms, this is the park one of the longest trials of cherry trees within Seoul that will guarantee you score the perfect picture. Known to be the largest park in Seoul, the expansive park also encompasses a number of popular tourist attractions in Seoul including the N Seoul Tower which promise you breathtaking, uncontested day or night views of the entire city. Located on the northern part of Seoul, the Gyeongbukgung was the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty and is home to rich history and beautiful architecture of Korea.

Also, when combined with the spectacular Cherry Blossoms that happen in the season of spring, this is definitely one for the list of places to be when looking to up the insta-game. Top tips: Why not bring out your inner Korean prince or princess when you rent a Hanbok for your memorable day out at the palace.

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It features a theme park as well as two outdoor gardens that promises something for both adventure and culture lovers alike. Popular all year round but especially in spring, this park explodes into a fairytale landscape washed by a sea of Cherry Blossom after Cherry Blossom. Already a hotspot well known for its stunning scenery, the Cherry Blossoms in spring take the beauty of Alishan to a whole new level. On top of being spacious enough to accomodate to its popularity, the different variety of sakuras that are found in the park mean that you have a 3 month time frame to catch the Cherry Blossoms in their full glory.

From cloud seas, scenic mountain views to Cherry Blossoms, such a wonderful combination of all things beautiful makes Alishan is the place to be when it comes to the list for most instagrammable places all year round.

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Yang Ming Shan sits on the northern area of Taipei and is also one of the places in which the first Cherry Blossoms bloom in Taiwan. Be prepared to whip out your camera as you are transported into plethora of pink when you wander the cherry trees that are planted along the hiking and biking trails here. A magnificent taoist temple located 30 minutes by bus from the nearest station, towers over a forest of Cherry Blossoms and offers you a spectacular and unique view of the Sakura from up above.

Lesser known than its counterparts Alishan and Yang Ming Shan, the beauty found in Wuling Farm does not pale in comparison. There is an unspoiled hidden gem — a hectares plot of land that we highly recommend for your ideal pink insta-feed. Your magical voyage begins here. Hew Lee Yee , October 31, Useful Guides Just For Fun. Abigail Chang , September 6, Angela will also read a short series of cherry blossom haiku from her private collection. James Mullin , facilitator and local musician, will accompany Angela on a variety of flutes.

Naccarato has been facilitating poetry workshops for over 20 years, and is the facilitator for the Vancouver Haiku Group. This group, now in its fifth year, meets at Britannia Centre once a month, and is currently working on its first anthology. Angela is often invited to share her voice through public forums, most recently at Richmond City Hall in the Council Chambers; and she has hosted a number of poetry events throughout Metro Vancouver and BC.

She has been developing her intuition, through private study, to use as a source of inspiration to help poets develop their voice, and shares her methodology in creative settings. Carole MacRury is an award-winning poet and avid photographer based in Point Roberts—another Canadian living in Washington.

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James Mullin grew up in South Surrey, a poet, a musician and sometimes a fool. He is a past member of the poetry performance group To An Unknown God, and former host of the poetry reading series Under the Elephant. He plays mandolin and various street flutes from around the world, including a south Asian bamboo reed flute that has a story to tell. Johnny Baranski started writing haiku and its related forms under the tutelage of Lorraine Ellis Harr Tombo in Since then he has been widely published and anthologized.

Johnny was awarded a third-place Sakura prize for , a second place for and an honourable mention for in the US category of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational. He lives in Vancouver, Washington. Terry Ann Carter , an internationally recognized haiku and tanka poet, has won awards for her Japanese literary forms.

She is the author of five poetry collections and four haiku chapbooks. She has given small book workshops at the Zen Festival in Montreal, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver, and to students in international schools in Singapore and the Bahamas. Carter participated in the Basho Festival in Ueno, Japan, in