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I don't write to music — I try my best to achieve absolute quiet, which, look, doesn't exist when you have a toddler. But I do often think about music while writing. Here are the first five that pop into my head, as it's a constantly-morphing list.

Singularity (Dave Harris Murder Mysteries Book 1)

Havers is carted off by her superior officer and workplace nemesis, Detective Chief Inspector Isabelle Ardery, to the mellow Shropshire town of Ludlow to investigate the apparent suicide of a suspect in police custody. There is nowhere to go to touch it. There is no cut that you can watch close over. Federal Agent Aaron Falk and his partner Carmen Cooper, in pursuing their latest white-collar-crime case, have been engaging with a potential whistle-blower.

A nasty bit of murder, some dirty politicking, and some seriously twisted plot twists make this courtroom-dramatics-meets-con-game-antics a speedy and superbly satisfying read. Her US debut, This Is How It Ends Bloomsbury , is a standalone mystery, addressing the accelerating — and socially damaging — gentrification of London, as seen through the eyes of two female activists who are trying to keep a partly-inhabited, low-income apartment building from being torn down.

Anger is the big inspiration. Patricia Highsmith for psychological intensity. Cormac McCarthy for relentless commitment to the dark side. And Raymond Chandler for his depiction of sleaze in gorgeous prose. Early Underworld, especially Second Toughest in the Infants. Massive Attack, all albums on repeat. I live in a tiny village without any amenities, so the place I tend to go most frequently is Stamford, a lovely market town a short drive away. I go here almost weekly for a pot of excellent hot chocolate and amaretto and tend to do a lot of my plotting in the lounge in front of the fire.

This is becoming a theme but the Tobie Norris pub is a top choice for lunch and where I tend to take visitors. The menu is eclectic and always outstanding and the building itself is the quintessential English country inn, dating back to , all nooks and crannies and history seeped into its stones. Walkers Bookshop is a tiny independent which stocks a very respectable range for its size and also has a wide selection of chocolate for sale on the ground floor.

The Town Meadows is a small park in the fork of the River Welland and one of the most peaceful places in Stamford. When I was little my parents took us there to feed the ducks and the gaggle of aggressive geese which run the place. Including both James Lee Burke and Alafair Burke in this column got me thinking of other mystery-writing family ties.

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A new Dave Robicheaux novel is always an immersive pleasure. The choice range of supporting characters come thick and fast, as do the unwavering stabs at the hideous levels of corruption in Louisiana politics. One of my favorites among a multitude of compassionate touches: a singular Clete-related reference to the Just Men of Jewish legend. The Wife Between Us St. These days it takes a little something extra to offer up an intriguing novel of domestic suspense, and this book has it in spades. Oh yes. But not-so-behind-the-scenes, a perfect storm of sexual harassment accusations against her husband and past deeds long since swept under the proverbial rug may be coming home to roost.

While utilising fun pop culture references — that unforgettable eyelid moment in Raiders of the Lost Ark , an arch Hunger Games comment — Burke maintains an even hand here, nicely sprinkled with the multiple deftly-doled surprises up her cavernous sleeve. This Is What Happened Soho , a standalone thriller, draws on his incisive spymaster knowledge as well as other imaginative forays, and uses the mean streets of contemporary London to their utmost advantage.

Protagonist Maggie Barnes — independent, smart, and ever-so-slightly emotionally vulnerable — is the perfect recruitment target for certain MI5 missions and she accepts her destiny with alacrity. A rich blend of history and fiction, Widows brings historical Bombay to vibrant life in this engaging mystery. Austin-based Meg Gardiner had already published 12 terrific mysteries when she kicked off her chilling new series last year with the unnerving UNSUB , introducing Bay Area detective Caitlin Hendrix and a serial baddie known as the Prophet.

The seven deadly sins. The shadowed depths of the human mind. Sue Grafton.

Angel Condemned

Most of my top five are source material. She inspired me to write my own novels. The LBJ Museum. The hiking trail around Lady Bird Lake. Book People. Daneet Steffens is taking a well-earned month off. Lori Rader-Day : "What people whisper about is what they care about. For the latter, Lawrence Block organized the participation of a stellar lineup of writers — including Sarah Weinman, Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Nicholas Christopher, Jeffery Deaver and Joyce Carol Oates — and the outcome is a bevy of cool and canny tales that embrace — to name just a few of the topics — art heists, familial relationships, historical intrigue and the seemingly straightforward interactions on a good old-fashioned crime scene.

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Dip in, dip out, and then dip in yet again. Multiple treasures here. In Signal Loss Soho , a gloriously gritty Australian-based police procedural, Garry Disher juggles multiple ongoing crime-story strands, leading his detectives on several not-so-merry chases across a dusty, rural backwater. Sergeant Ellen Destry and Inspector Hal Challis and their teams have their hands full, and a striking opening scenario offers up a ghoulish Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd — that entertainingly deadly duo of Diamonds Are Forever fame — partnership for the 21st century.

By far the best thing about Jack Reacher novels is that way in which they begin with utter simplicity — Reacher coming across a West Point class ring in a pawnshop, for example — which then evolves into tales of wonderful complexities. The Midnight Line Delacorte Press is the perfect example, as Reacher, that class ring in pocket, wends his way across South Dakota and Wyoming, taking in the majestic landscape, collecting friends and enemies along the way, while demonstrating a most impressive use of a tumble dryer.

This would be silence, silence, silence, silence, and silence. That said, here are five songs I find inspiring as a writer:. It is also a trenchant reminder of the critical damage an excess of obsessiveness can do, no matter who you are or what your intent might be. He was a writer, a music critic; she succeeds as a celebrity chef, television series and all. Mma Ramotswe, she of the No.

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Why was a hardworking employee suddenly fired — and was it even legally done? In her acknowledgements, Winnie M Li makes it abundantly clear that her debut novel Dark Chapter Polis , which begins with the rape of an adult woman, Vivian, by a teenage boy, Johnny, is drawn from personal experience. If anything, this makes the story — which, while nerve-shreddingly explicit in terms of the assault, focuses primarily on the aftermath for both the woman and the boy — all the more raw in its intensity. Through the searches and the perpetually open police investigation, her parents seen as both despairing and under suspicion, McGregor delineates the lives and times of the locals: villagers fall in and out of love, lose their jobs and gain new ones; flocks of birds fly south and return, badgers settle in their setts, and newborn foxes tumble over each other in their dens.

In Reservoir 13 , McGregor, a terrific novelist with the pen of a poet, has woven a mesmerizing tapestry, a tale not so much about a mystery, as about the sometimes-lingering repercussions that a crime can have on the community around it and the inexorable passage of time.

McGregor is based at the University of Nottingham, where he also edits the excellent epistolary literary journal The Letters Page. Natasha, Hayley, and Jenny are the Barbies, their version of similar cliques portrayed cinematically in Mean Girls and Heathers. But when Tasha nearly drowns and re-friends her childhood bestie, Becca, the stage is set for teen-angst-fuelled intrigue, sex, drugs, and, perhaps, even murder. Just for fun, cast the characters with your preferred actors — film rights have already been sold to Netflix.

Over a single night and day, as multiple victims succumb to an often-fatal batch of heroin, Prosecutor Bell Elkins and her colleagues race against time to discover the source. Keller delineates the infinite and highly personal experiences impacted by drug addiction — in a town this small, no one is unaffected — as she captures the hopelessness, the stifling, dead-end atmosphere of the situation, and the determination of a bold few to address the crisis while secreting several mysteries of their own.


Amber Patterson is onto a good thing in The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine Harper. Daphne Parrish by devious means, angling to replace her as the next Mrs. Parrish ASAP.

Singularity by N.J. Matthews - Book - Read Online

What stands in her way? Jackson Parrish, who clearly adores his wife. The latest in a wildly proliferating line of sociopathic characters convinced they are smarter than everyone around them, this is a pleasurably soap-opera-ish thriller from two sisters, Lynne and Valerie Constantine, who clearly had a good deal of fun putting this tale together.

The original cool breeze.