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Life In The Emergent City. You Are My Subjects.

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The loss of privacy. Stanza, netart, painting, networked space, installations. Parallel Reality Series II. Using surveillance images to make time based art. These artworks are made from thousands of live real time CCTV images using custom made software which captures the images over selected periods of time. Installation Installation. The Nemesis Machine. Connecting city spaces through data.

An ever evolving artwork, always different and always expanding. A series of artworks based on connecting city spaces. The artworks makes use of future predictive software while at the same time exploring time from multiple perspectives in what Stanza calls a Parallel Reality. Youth Culture. More A large installation sculpture adapted to each place where it is displayed. The sculpture is a hybrid steel structure with custom electronics. Agency at The End Of Civilisation. A digital art installation More The Reader.

Data Sculpture. Stanza is an artist who specializes in netart, painting, networked space, installations, the urban landscape, surveillance culture, privacy and alienation in the city. The Third Space. Works On Canvas. All cm by cm and signed. Parallel Realities. Time based system.

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Stanza is an artist who specializes in the urban landscape, surveillance culture, privacy and alienation in the city. Intelligent city. Evolving artwork. More Intelligent city. Herd Above The Noise. Sound installtion. The Central City. Labyrinth exhibited on 15 touch screens. Virus Codex. Software systems. The Panic Noise Series. Video art systems. Electronic Analogue Art and Video Art Syncronicity: Infinite Possibilities. Software system. More Data Visualisation Computer,. The Binary Graffiti Club Public art and politics.

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Inspiring young people to see the city as canvas to create change. The Binary Graffiti Club. Performance events about agency.

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Using the DNA sequence. Electronic sculpture. Portrait of the artist as system of machine learning. A visual labyrinth. Installation of screens. A visual labyrinth, a maze of circumstance.

The idea is to go deeper into analogies for the organic identity of the city.. Soul Of The City. Installation for city wide public art. Urban Generation. Multiple surveillance cameras are accessed randomly in real time. Installation of city based artworks. Experience of data cities. Evolving artwork The City as System. Data scultpture. Hybrid digital sculpture.

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Invisibe Worlds. Data installation. A large installation adapted to each place where it is displayed that is a miniature city. Installation adapted to each place where it is displayed.

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The Binary Graffiti Club Public art spectacle. Public Domain. Visitors To A Gallery. Visitors are units of data, moving around the giant database the gallery. Youth Culture A towering beautiful hooded sculpture. DNA system time clock. Stanza DNA as artwork installation.