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I got a free trial link in my email, so I'm excited no other games have been revealed as I got nothin to lose.

I mean, at least wait until the month is over before buying it. It's not like it's the first time that the bundle reveals are DLC for the headliner. How much is the zombie upgrade? I guess you could trade the Standard Edition key now and get some money back. The only publisher I've seen put games into monthly bundles with expiration dates has been Activision-Blizzard.

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They did it with the overwatch keys too, when the base Destiny 2 game was a monthly they didn't put an expiration date on those keys. They did however give the base Destiny 2 game away free for a limited time on battlenet a few months later. Is the game really that dead on PC? Selling something for next to nothing is definitely not something Activision does. They did the same thing with BlackOps3 and had a half version of it in a bundle.

I unsubbed that month.

Zombie Reign 4: Redemption by Joseph Edward

Humble has started to have horrible marketing. I used to be a loyal customer, but all these horribly designed bundles are starting to backfire. They got bought out, forgot by who, but it was pretty instantaneous that their bundles went to shit. Don't get me wrong, they offer a variety of stuff which I guess is okay, but I only ever was on there for game bundles.

Now they offer loads of fluff and maybe one to two mediocre to shit game bundles a month. They offer game bundles much more regularly now than they used to, whether you think the quality is different or not. It wasn't an instant thing, and I'm still not convinced that bad things like this are related to being bought out by IGN. They've always had iffy bundles since they started offering stuff other than their basic "Humble Indie Bundles".

I think they begun their fall downwards way before they were bought out by IGN.


I still love what they're doing though. Just look at this banger of a bundle.

Zombie Reign 4: Redemption

The Vegas Pro bundle they have going on now as well is pretty tight. So instead of adding a game that might actually make me unpause this month, they just add a mode to the game that made me pause in the first place. Thanks for posting this update. Please remember to follow our title format in future and include [Humble] at the beginning of your title. Thank you. Did you trade the key or the whole page? Supposedly there's a new Standard Edition Key for those who paid early. Edit: it's confirmed, those who already traded or redeemed their Battle Edition key get a new Standard Edition key nevertheless.

Paid early for Battle Edition? All you need to do is redeem the Standard Edition key on your download page and you're all set for zombie slaying fun!

I guess that means that they replaced the Battle Edition Key with a Standard Edition key, otherwise they would say that the game redeemed was automatically upgraded. I would have thought the real worry would be that they might deactivate the battle editions keys as they have given out standard edition keys now. Had to look that up In any event, deactivating already redeemed keys sounds ethically problematic, as there was no error, no problem with processing payment, etc.

Given that it's a battle. So if somebody traded their copy away I'm in the same boat. Any idea if you have separate standard edition key or if the person who got battle edition now has standard? I traded just the call of duty stuff. I just looked and I do have the standard edition now. Be careful with that, the guy I traded mine to has come back to me to say that the Battle Editions were revoked. Isn't Battle Edition only missing zombies?

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IX, is good for the people who complain about "Zombies being harder than the Da Vinci code now". I think Blood of the Dead takes time to learn, worse than Mob of the Dead. DLCs have been hit or miss, Ancient Evil most recent being the best. Yeah, though this month was the first one where I literally had four nag screens before it let me pause. It reminded me of deactivating G2A Shield , which is tragic coming from Humble. That's really shitty. G2A can piss off.

I already had Black Ops 4 but what a joke it is for them to announce that it now comes with Zombies, why not just do that in the first place? Geez, I was really expecting them to add something different. It was quite clear from this sub and my friends on Steam that it was a fairly unpopular early unlock. Instead, they just doubled down. Usually when a game is a AAA title, most other games are going to be poor. Especially since this is a big publisher, big franchise, and released less than a year ago. From what I'm reading though, the base game itself doesn't have a campaign. The zombie mode is mostly a survival wave based game, so I doubt it would be all that much fun single player.

You'd be better off with something like L4D2, if you don't already have it. I haven't played Black Ops 4 zombies, but I generally always enjoy CoD zombies, and almost always play it alone. That being said, I highly recommend buying Black Ops 3 on Steam for Zombies gamemode, as it has Steam Workshop integration, which means you can play endless user-created maps, making the whole game much more fun.

I have been a regular monthly subscriber since Jan This is the first monthly I decided to unsubscribe for. How Activision expects to sell a game without a single player campaign is a mystery. That along with their overpriced prices for their older games and micro transactions for their newer games has made me think of giving up on the COD franchise altogether despite having most of the collection already.

Greed will do that to you Activision. I don't think I have ever gamed enough to justify a monthly subscription.

Red Dead Redemption

I now barely do 20 hours a month. Being a busy adult with so many godam responsibilities is a shit life. Now I'm even more worried about what the rest of the bundle will contain. If they had to reach into their pockets to get Zombies added the remained of the bundle must be throw away games or worse I bet they take a larger chunk than anyone else because A-B is a very greedy company. I do however doubt the rest of the stuff we get from humble with be from A-B, upgrading us to the full version is I think a bit of a face saving exercise as after the red dot debacle they need a little positive publicity.

It's not great outcome but it gives me some faith that enough gamers saw this as the monetization trap it is and didn't sign up for it. Forcing Activision to "sweeten" the pot to try and get the numbers they want is a bit discouraging. On face value, it looks like a better bundle. The problems are many. The standard edition of the game came with some ingame currency, so that could be held back as part of the bundle to be revealed, if it isn't in the bundle at all then this isn't the standard edition. That's a big problem.

It really shows off Activision Blizzard's indifference to setting definitive boundaries for the "defined" versions of their game and it opens up gamers to be exploited for profit. Activision Blizzard sees Black Ops 4 as a service, not a defined game. This distinction gives them free reign to change and alter everything about the game. Couple that with the burden of appeasing stockholders and you have a system ripe for monetization abuses.

The problem is they want to monetize like a service but also want the fresh injection of cash once a year too. It is hard to convince anyone in their right mind to invest cash in a service game that may become so sparse with players you can't do anything meaningful or even worse closed down as it isn't seen as economically worth while by the publisher to keep the game running. I'm a little confused here. I serached the battle net shop but I could only find the multiplayer version and not the "normal" version - or it's called the spectre version.

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Or what now?! It's not known yet if it only updates your current key if you already redeemed it or if it's a completely separate key. It replaces the Battle Edition key, but it seems that both are valid on their own. So if you already redeemed the Battle Edition on one account you could redeem the Standard Edition key on another account and play on both. If you didn't want to buy the bundle for CoD beforehand, how would adding a little bit more of the same game persuade you to buy the bundle?

So those people might be tempted now. Yeah Zombies has been the only worthwhile part of CoD for at least the last five years. I had no interest in the original bundle but I was half tempted by the Zombies addition. Black Ops 3 is probably a better bet for modding.